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What sorts of content can I translate with you?
You can send us all filetypes including texts. We do not translate subtitles, videos or texts within images.
How do I get a quote from you for more sophisticated needs?
No worries, just let us know your interest in our services and we can tackle for you anything from one file to massively multilingual e-commerce projects with thousands of products.
Why I’ve never heard about your service in the past?
Maybe you’ve never heard about us, but for sure you already read texts translated via Localazy. Our customers are serving closely to 1 billion users worldwide.
When my translation project will be done?
Send us your inquiry or directly the file and we will get back to you with price & estimated delivery. It can take anything from one day to few weeks, depending on quantity of workload.

Source Language


There are more than 300 million native speakers of English and another 300 million people who use English as a second language. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the official language of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. It is also the official language of the European Union and many international organizations.

English is a West Germanic language that originated in England. It is the third most common native language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. It is the most widely learned second language and is an official language of the United Nations, of the European Union, and of many other world and regional organizations. English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

There are many different varieties of English, including American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English, and New Zealand English. English is also spoken in some parts of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.

The history of the English language is fascinating. It has been influenced by many other languages, including Latin, French, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages. English has also been influenced by the languages of the people who have settled in England, such as the Celts, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, and the Normans.

The English language has changed a great deal over the centuries. The way we use language today is very different from the way it was used in the past. The English language is always changing, and new words are being added to the dictionary all the time.

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Target Language


Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin, with over 400 million speakers. It is the official language in 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. It is also an official language of the United Nations.

Spanish is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula. It is closely related to Catalan and Portuguese. The first written record of Spanish is from the 9th century, in the form of an epic poem called the Cantar de Mio Cid.

Spanish is a phonetic language, which means that it is pronounced exactly as it is written. There are no silent letters. Each letter has one sound, and there are no exceptions. This makes it relatively easy to learn to read and write Spanish.

The grammar of Spanish is relatively simple, compared to other languages. There are only two genders (male and female), and there are no articles (a, the). There are also no verb conjugations for person or number. For example, the verb "hablar" (to speak) is always "hablar," no matter who is speaking or how many people are speaking.

One of the most distinctive features of Spanish is the use of the inverted question mark (¿) and exclamation point (¡) at the beginning and end of a question or exclamation. This is known as the " Spanish question mark."

Spanish is a very expressive language. It has a large vocabulary of words and phrases for describing emotions. For example, the word "duende" (literally "ghost") is used to describe a feeling of enchantment or mystery.

Spanish is also known for its use of colorful metaphors. For example, the phrase "estar en Babia" (to be in Babbitt) means to be lost in thought or daydreaming.

Spanish is a beautiful language that is rich in history and culture. It is a language that is spoken by people all over the world.

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